Fiona Davies. Consultant

Fiona has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance broking industry. Having spent a little time in her early career as a Lloyds broker, she soon turned to focus on new business development and client relationship management, combining this with team leadership.

As a consequence, her expertise lies in the following areas:

- Client relationship management and service model development

- Sales and marketing planning and sales process management

- Team building, motivation, development and coaching

Understanding client needs, and making sure those needs are recognised and responded to are a common theme in her career. Even the theme of her MBA dissertation was focused on Client Relationship Management. Setting up a UK Manufacturing Practice at Willis, was to make sure the specific industry needs of clients in that sector were met.

While the cornerstone of delivering great client service, needs recognition is also essential in the business development process. Fiona’s experience includes, not just development of the prospective client relationships, but also bid management from the early qualification stage through to winning and settling down the new client relationship.

The insurance industry is all about team work, recognising and celebrating the skills of the individual and making sure the right people are able to bring their particular skills to bear at the right time. Developing and mentoring teams was a critical part of her leadership role and Fiona continues this with voluntary mentoring today.


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