Advice for Future Female Leaders in Insurance

Great advice for future female leaders (from those who've been there)

In this 2 minute video, courtesy of the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation, professionals from across the insurance market share their advice to women who want to become leaders.

Their great first hand advice breaks down to 5 things:

  • Find a mentor - and listen to them
  • Self promote - know where you want to be and be open about it
  • Communicate - speak up and don't allow yourself to be interrupted
  • Be direct - if you want something, ask for it
  • Get a sponsor - someone to open doors and go into battle for you

It is particularly apt to share these insights now, as the IICF "Leading Across Generations" conference was held in London in January. We heard from leaders in our market, discussed diversity, debated how we can unlock future talent and heard inspiring stories of leadership and resilience. If you weren't able to attend I'll be sharing the fascinating insights here over the next few weeks - do Join us

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