Making a major career change

Senior consultant Rebecca came to me as she was unhappy in her job, a feeling that was also having a knock on effect on the rest of her life. She knew that she wanted to make a positive career move but was unsure of her direction or how to move forward. We worked together to design the ideal career path for her and to build the confidence she needed get the job she really dreamed of.

Here is what she had to say about working with me:

Champagne moment - Rebecca

Celebrating in style!

“Life changes such as job or career change are often a lonely journey, you can’t necessarily share with your current colleagues due to sensitivity of whether it’s your decision to leave them or the organisation’s decision for you to leave.

It’s also hard to share with family who don’t necessarily understand your job or your journey and can have dependencies on your job – particularly where you end up working and how long you are away from home.

Basically, a professional coach like Katherine is a trusted companion, who has your best interests at heart and can help you to navigate the journey from leaving one job to gaining the next and ultimately to make these big transitions; a positive experience with hopefully a life changing result – but that is up to you!”

▪ What’s the most important thing you learned or result you achieved?

“Step by step (meeting by meeting) I discovered the confidence to put myself forward for a really brilliant job; confidence, which had been eroded by my last ’round peg in a square hole’ job.”

▪ How will you use this information to improve your career / life?

“I got the job!”

▪ How much time do you think our work together saved you?

“I had to invest time in the meetings but overall I saved time as the sessions helped me to cover multiple tasks from career analysis through to interview practice.”

▪ How would you rate your coaching experience with Katherine?