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The internet is awash with great resources to help us progress our careers.

There is also a wealth of research that we can use to present the business case for building more diverse and inclusive workplaces as well as tools to help both our companies, and ourselves in this journey.

So much information can be a bit overwhelming so here are some of my favourite resources that you may find useful:

Women in Insurance Facebook Group

Join this group for ​free career progression tools, resources, networking and access to events to boost your career.

The Non-Icky Self Promotion Toolkit

The ability to self promote; to talk about your achievements at work is the no. 1 most important thing you can do to progress your career.

"YUK!" I hear you say "Talking about myself is so icky!".

Well Yuk no more, just download this toolkit for 21 ways to get the recognition and reward you deserve with no "ick" - guaranteed!

The Essential Networking Checklist

​A must have guide for all risk & insurance professionals wherever you are in the world. 

44 ways to quickly & easily to meet like minded risk & insurance professionals & build your powerful professional network.

Fostering Innovation Through a Diverse Workforce - Forbes
A diverse and inclusive workforce is crucial to encouraging different perspectives and ideas that drive innovation. This report explores the data and shares insights into what some of the world's leading companies are doing to foster a successful culture of innovation.

Winning the fight for female Talent - PWC March 2017
PwC’s ground-breaking research throws a new light on this pressing business challenge and opportunity. Their study highlights eight critical themes, each generating opportunities to improve the gender inclusiveness and overall effectiveness of employer attraction and selection activities.

When Women Thrive Businesses Thrive - Mercer

Turning disruption into opportunity for women and business, this white paper was created in collaboration for the World Economic Forum's Annual meeting in January 2017.

Talent in the London Market - The London Market Group
The report identifies both challenges and opportunities in building a talent base across the London insurance and reinsurance market, highlighting the current and emerging future skills gaps. Based on research undertaken by Deloitte, May 2016.

Holding up the Mirror - Inclusion @ Lloyds

Reviewing diversity and inclusion progression during 2016 in the London Market this report touches upon ay areas including the Dive In Festival, innovative job sharing and flexible working solutions, D&I education programmes and what major companies within the market are doing. 

Dispelling the Myths of the Gender Ambition Gap
When it comes to careers, there is a stubborn theory that women are less ambitious than men. With age and motherhood, the story goes, women lower their career goals. They miss out on the top roles at companies not because they can’t do them, or because the opportunity is not there, but because they don’t really want them. Our research demonstrates, however, that this is simply not true. The issue is more nuanced—and more solvable—than most CEOs think. Report from Boston Consulting Group, April 2017.

The Myth of the Ideal Worker - Does doing the right things really get women ahead?

To determine what individuals do to advance in their careers, Catalyst surveyed high potentials about tactics they used. Some career advancement strategies focused on advancing within their current organisation; others focused on seeking opportunities elsewhere. 

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