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Drawing from over 20 years experience in the market, Katherine will kickstart or run your event with industry knowledge, energy, passion and enthusiasm.

She’ll tailor the speech to enhance your chosen theme, personalise it to engage your audience, and leave them with a clear, lasting memory.

Tailored Keynotes and Conference Sessions

Examples of tailored, energetic keynotes that we have developed include:

  • Innovation in insurance, are you doing enough?
  • The 5 keys to inclusive leadership: Building and managing high performance teams
  • Influencing and persuading in a competitive market
  • Why good brokers & underwriters make bad decisions : Unconscious bias & how to beat it
  • Mentoring Moments - the new way to maximise your career potential

We will research your company and meeting theme, listen to your goals and work with you to specifically tailor your keynote address or conference session to meet your exact your needs. We will ensure that we convey the message you desire and we’ll work with you to come up with a great title too.

Please feel free to contact us for further references or to discuss your exact requirements.

Recent Speaking Engagements

KEYNOTE: Inclusive Leadership

THB London September 2019

KEYNOTE: The Power of Language

PWC London August 2019

KEYNOTE: Unconscious Bias in the insurance industry

Everywoman in Insurance London July 2019

KEYNOTE: Unconscious bias in decision making

Insurance Internal Audit Group Conference (IIAG) Brighton, June 2019

KEYNOTE: Accelerate your development through mentoring moments

LMA Learning Week London June 2019

This session on unconscious bias was very informative and opened my eyes to how much unconscious bias can impact business performance beyond recruitment. Katherine was as ever, knowledgable about her topic and brought it to life with plenty of examples and analytics. 

She had the group fully engaged in all the exercises and discussions. I thoroughly recommend you to attend her future events.
Elke Taylor  
Maxis GMbH

PANEL Speaker- Leaders today & the next generation

Insurance Business Women in Insurance Summit London October 2019

PANEL Speaker: Bystander Apathy

Insurance Insider - Insider Progress London June 2019

PANEL Moderator: Redefining Talent

IICF December 2018

I would recommend Katherine without hesitation. She was very communicative before the conference and asked us questions to ensure she delivered a message that would engage the audience. She showed up early (nothing is worse for a conference than having your keynote show up late!), was prepared, which was very evident by the way she presented the material, and took the time to get to know us before and after the meeting.  

I like her style because you were respectful, commanding in front of the room, spoke clearly and asked the audience open-ended questions.  

Thank you Katherine for sharing your knowledge with the CPCUs around the world. In attendance at the conference were insurance professionals from the UK, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Canada, France, Ireland, Guam, & the US (both from the East and West Coasts).

Elaine George  Chubb & CPCU European Chapter Committee

More Speaking Engagements

Unconscious Bias in Risk Management

Everywoman in Risk Forum 2018

While more women than ever are choosing careers in the quantitative side of risk management, more could be done to encourage women into this area and the profession as a whole.

This session will look at how you can better develop an awareness of  your own unconscious bias and its impact on your day to day practices such as recruitment, decision making and team dynamics.

Katherine Bryant

The 5 keys to inclusive leadership

Lockton & Beazley Leadership Event 2018 

Inclusive leaders are inspirational. They are experts at adapting their leadership style to suit different groups and situations and create a culture where everyone feels valued, included and is motivated to do their best work.

These leaders share 5 key skills which enable them to attract and unlock the best talent and build inclusive, high-performing teams; as well as developing superior client and market relationships.

This fast paced session explored the 5 key skills needed to lead your team to success both today and in the future, attendees left with a practical toolkit for success in their leadership roles.

The power of language & its impact on your business

Lloyd's of London - Dive in Festival 2018

The language we use has the power to inspire and motivate; to build trusting relationships and inclusive high performing teams that generate outstanding business results. 

Our language can also have the opposite effect – destroying morale, excluding people and creating a toxic culture that stifles performance. 

As our language is often unconscious it’s easy to miss the powerful impact it is having on both how you are perceived and how you make others feel. 

Do you know what your language says about you? 

This lively and interactive session will provide a unique insight into your words and the impact they are having, we’ll discuss how you can spot dangerous language triggers and make simple changes that can have a positive impact on both your career and your team culture.

Katherine is a dynamic, engaging speaker who is well versed and clearly knows what she is talking about. We were very lucky to have her present for us at this years Learning week! She delivered a great session on Impact and Influence in a competitive market. It was very well received and some of the feedback we have got is 'Simply fantastic!' and 'I really enjoyed this session and I thought the speaker was brilliant' - Thank you Katherine!
Laura Cullen 
Lloyd's Market Association
Katherine Bryant speaking at Lloyd's of London

Why good teams make bad decisions - unconscious bias & it's impact on your business

Oliver James Event

Unconscious bias affects our everyday behaviours, from the way we work as a team, the way we underwrite, price risk or manage broker or client relationships through to our ability to recruit, innovate and make strategic decisions.
Recognising and combating these biases is critical to improving team and business performance, talent acquisition and for maintaining a competitive advantage.
This fast paced session reveals how bias is driving decision making in your organisation. Attendees leave armed with techniques to combat unconscious bias to improve both results and inclusion.

Critical skills to future proof your organisation

CPCU European Chapter Meeting 2018

The insurance industry is set to change more in the next 10 years than it has in a century.

Technological advances, shifting workforce demographics, and increased mobility of talent are all set to transform the traditional models that underpin this market. And leading organisations are asking themselves what skills their teams need both now and in the future, to keep up with the rapid pace of change.

In ‘Critical skills to future proof your organisation’ we explore the five key skills identified as critical to future success and discuss how these will impact recruitment practices and team dynamics as we collaborate to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Katherine Bryant Presenting to CPCU copy

Making an impact and influencing in a competitive market

Lloyd's LMA Learning Week 2018

The ability to influence is critical for your career success.

Whether you’re in negotiations with brokers or insurers, working with colleagues or clients or a manager wishing to influence your board or your team, understanding the subtleties of influence is key to achieving your goals and being successful.

To maximise your chances of success you need to ensure that your ideas are not only solid but that they are presented with impact and in the most compelling way.

This 90-minute workshop takes you behind the scenes of influence, revealing the critical elements you need to master in order to be seen as credible and set you up for success with influencing in the most powerful way.

Making an impact and influencing change

DXC Digital Minds Programme 2018

Your ideas & input are critical to ensure the London Market retains & grows its leadership position in the global insurance sector.

Today’s industry leaders understand this & both need & want to embrace transformation but, with so many conflicting pressures on their time & attention, how do you ensure your ideas get the attention they deserve?

To maximise your chances of success you need to ensure that your ideas are not only solid & stress tested, but that they are presented with impact & in the most compelling way.

This ½ day workshop will take you behind the scenes of influence, revealing the critical elements you need to master in order to be seen as a credible agent of change & for making a successful pitch whether that’s within your organisation or to clients.

I have engaged Katherine to support DXC's Digital Minds programme for the past year and am absolutely delighted with the value Katherine adds. She brings insight and energy to the programme in many different ways - running workshops for us, sharing her influencing techniques in unique and engaging ways; running a dual mentoring programme for us, supporting mentorship pairs to get the best out of their goals and objectives.

Her genuine, engaging, insightful and credible ways of delivering her messages make her sessions hugely popular and attending by a wide cross section of insurance practitioners.We love working with Katherine!

Caroline Bedford 
London Insurance Market Account Manager for DXC Technology & Head of Digital Minds 

This was one of the most practical events I have attended. 

Most just talk, but this one gave practical tips.

Thank you!


Insurance operations director

Thank you so much for a really informative and useful seminar, I will definitely be putting the tips to use.

The speaker was excellent, really natural and interesting.


CILA Member

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